Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Theme to Brexit Boast

If you’re too scared to call Murdoch out just call Brexitboast

We've got UKIP goons and Wetherspoons at Brexitboast

Hear the Leader of the Country invoke Article 50

Remember what you see is not a tragedy but Brexitboast


If your party is divided you need Brexitboast

If your pound is falling swiftly just call Brexitboast

   You can let Paul Dacre scare you, and claim the country’s over run

Because we’re horrible, and know you’re gullible - Brexitboast


Let me state the most ridiculous statistics, not scientific

In the newspapers and telly everyday.

Our language patriotic , our policies psychotic

We’re heading for disaster Theresa May!, Ya-a-a-ay!


We are fanatical hate preachers here at Brexitboast

We will proudly man the beaches here at Brexitboast

We will march towards oblivion

Under a blood soaked Union Jack

We got our nation back from a pretend attack , that’s Brexitboast

We got our nation back from a pretend attack, that’s Brexitboast




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