Monday, 31 December 2018

The 365 Day Challenge

You know those 30 day music, film, book challenge things?

I thought I'd do one. But for a year. Use the hashtag #365daychallenge if you can!

I'll post a link to this list each day and a reminder of the day's question each day.

Jan 1: If you had to go out on the sauce with one of the Mr. Men or Little Misses, who would you choose? 
Jan 2: Who do you know in real life that they should make a movie franchise about? 
Jan 3: Have you ever seen one of your friends wank off an animal? 
Jan 4: Have you ever smashed a household appliance in a temper tantrum? 
Jan 5: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve said during sex? 
Jan 6: What’s the most number of drinks you’ve bought in a single round? 
Jan 7: What country’s shape do you think most looks like a celebrity? 
Jan 8: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done in a foreign country? 
Jan 9: If you were at the crucifixion of Jesus, and they had Twitter, what hashtag would you use to describe the events? 
Jan 10: What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever had to wear for work? 
Jan 11: Which Bill Murray character would you most like to be? 
Jan 12: What celebrity death are you most dreading? 
Jan 13: What’s the best reason you’ve ever been late for work? 
Jan 14: Have you ever found yourself inadvertently following someone late at night and ended up shouting something meant to be reassuring like “It’s alright I’m not a rapist.”? 
Jan 15: Have you ever been told off by a ticket inspector on a train for non-ticket-related activity? 
Jan 16: Is there someone on your contacts list on your phone listed under a nickname they don’t know they have? 
Jan 17: Have you ever worn something on a night out that has gone on to ruin your night in some sort of injury or malfunction type episode? 
Jan 18: What movie would you most like to see a black and white remake of? 
Jan 19: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen at a funeral? 
Jan 20: What’s the punchline to the sickest joke you know? 
Jan 21: What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever been asked to do by means of returning a favour? 
Jan 22: What act of heroism do you think you should have been awarded a Victoria Cross for? 
Jan 23: Have you ever eaten from a buffet before it was officially opened? 
Jan 24: What was the biggest meltdown a teacher at your school had? 
Jan 25: Have you (or anyone you know) ever attempted anything you saw on television that was preceded by a “Don’t Try This At Home” message? 
Jan 26: Have you ever photobombed a stranger? 
Jan 27: What’s the biggest news story you were somehow unaware of for at least a few hours? 
Jan 28: What’s the worst “caught the wrong bus/train” situation you’ve been in? 
Jan 29: What past or present Premier League footballer do you reckon is the most likely to write a genuinely brilliant sitcom? 
Jan 30: Have you ever fancied your doctor/dentist? 
Jan 31: Have you ever had to call the fire brigade out due to a cooking mishap? 

Feb 1: Have you ever broken into a building? 
Feb 2: What would your Gladiator name be?  
Feb 3: Have you ever said something regrettable in your sleep? 
Feb 4: Which country would you most like to write a national anthem for? And what would the first line be? 
Feb 5: Have you ever prematurely celebrated something only for it to go pear-shaped? 
Feb 6: Who was the first person you ever swore at? 
Feb 7: You’re allowed to rename one building “The Temple Of [YOUR NAME}” – which one? 
Feb 8: Have you got a magic skill that is of no use at all? Like I am able to tell the colour of a Jelly Baby just by touch. 
Feb 9: If you were a disciple like Doubting Thomas, what personal quality would precede your forename? 
Feb 10: Have you ever seen a TV show or film and you’re certain that you had the exact same idea? 
Feb 11: Have you ever been rude to a customer? 
Feb 12: Which film character do you reckon needs a good kicking? 
Feb 13: Do you know someone who has either a) ridiculously undeserved slices of good fortune regularly fall their way or b) heart breakingly regular instances of god awful luck? 
Feb 14: Have you ever danced your way into a meeting? 
Feb 15: Do any of your friends use your name as an adjective for a behaviour associated with you? 
Feb 16: Have you ever walked past a live news coverage? 
Feb 17: Is there a sporting team that you literally could not stomach winning the most prestigious title they could? 
Feb 18: NASA have chosen you to write the first ten words spoken by an astronaut setting foot on Mars. What are the words you choose? 
Feb 19: Have you ever visited somewhere as a tourist and forgotten to go to one of the obvious landmarks in the area? 
Feb 20: If you had all of Superman’s powers but only for one minute, what would you do? 
Feb 21: Have you ever gone on a date and accidentally covered them in beer/food/sick etc? 
Feb 22: What, as yet unpunished “crime”, do you feel merits the death sentence? 
Feb 23: Have you ever been caught doing an impersonation of someone by the person you were impersonating? 
Feb 24: When was the last time you were asked to leave somewhere? 
Feb 25: Have you ever pretended to like a band/be into judo/be vegan or something just to try to shag someone? 
Feb 26: Have you ever trodden in wet cement, sat on a wet painted bench that sort of thing? 
Feb 27: What would you riot over? 
Feb 28: What’s the funniest thing you’ve overheard a neighbour saying? 

Mar 1: Do you know anyone who has ever earned £250 from sending in a video to You’ve Been Framed? 
Mar 2: What’s the funniest wanking story you know? 
Mar 3: What is your secret niche obsession? 
Mar 4: Have you ever had a song dedicated to you on the radio/at a gig/in a shit nightclub? 
Mar 5: What’s the latest you’ve ever been to something? 
Mar 6: Have you ever accidentally killed someone’s pet/injured someone else’s child in a pet sitting/babysitting disaster? 
Mar 7: Have you ever gone on a dirty weekend that’s gone absolutely disastrously? 
Mar 8: What is the cultural phenomenon that you feel like the only person genuinely unmoved by? 
Mar 9: What was the worst holiday you ever went on? 
Mar 10: Have you ever quit your job in a tantrum? 
Mar 11: What is the worst thing a teacher ever said to you? 
Mar 12: Do you have any ethical inconsistencies? Like, donating to PETA but secretly enjoy going to watch bullfights or something similar? 
Mar 13: Has there ever been a celebrity death you’ve secretly punched the air to? 
Mar 14: If you were on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and reached the million pound question, what’s the one subject you would most want that question to be on? 
Mar 15: What’s the one drug story you’d tell a friend from your own experience, designed to put them off ever doing drugs? 
Mar 16:  Do you have a thing about people with a certain first name? Like you only ever seem to shag “Claires” or cannot abide anyone called “Royston”? 
Mar 17: What’s the most punk rock thing you’ve ever done? 
Mar 18: Have you ever had a pee next to someone famous? 
Mar 19: Have you ever told someone that you can’t stand their partner? 
Mar 20: What’s the biggest faux pas you’ve ever committed? 
Mar 21: Have you ever had a dirty dream about a celebrity that you usually would be repulsed by? 
Mar 22: Have you ever laughed out loud at being introduced to someone because of their name? 
Mar 23: Amongst the people you follow on Twitter, that you haven’t met or seen, who do you reckon is the sexiest? 
Mar 24: If you could suddenly be brilliant at one sport, which one would you choose? 
Mar 25: What’s the one drinking experience that, just the memory of, makes you feel like you might just vomit? 
Mar 26: Have you ever attended a concert/play/musical etc just to try to woo someone? 
Mar 27: Who, from your days at school, would you most like to apologise to? 
Mar 28: There’s lots of things people would do for a million quid, what’s the lowest amount you’d accept to do something you would normally be terrified of? 
Mar 29: What is the single most tasteless thing you own? 
Mar 30: Have you ever assisted a magician or hypnotist on stage? 
Mar 31: Complete this sentence – “Jamiroquai is the”

Apr 1: If you had to be caught having sex with either a farm animal or the exhaust pipe of a car, which one would you choose? 
Apr 2: If you had to perform a dance of your invention on Strictly Come Dancing, what would the dance be called? 
Apr 3: Which household object do you wish could talk? 
Apr 4: Apart from more money and less hours, what single thing would improve your working day? 
Apr 5: If your parents turned up unannounced at your house, what would be the thing you’d try to hide first? 
Apr 6: Have you got any friends who look like someone famous? 
Apr 7: You’re allowed to deface somewhere with 10 foot high letters saying “Banksy is shit” – where do you choose? 
Apr 8: What’s the one item of clothing from your past you wish you still had? 
Apr 9: What film do you most associate with your mother? 
Apr 10: Have you ever dumped someone and then later massively regretted it? 
Apr 11: Your death makes front page news. What happened to you? 
Apr 12: What’s the most trivial thing you would reconsider a friendship over? 
Apr 13: What’s your favourite piece of trivia? 
Apr 14: What’s the most surreal piece of shopping you’ve ever done? For example, my friend Steve (shitfaced at the time) remembered his girlfriend asked him to get a couple of things. He couldn’t remember what they were so bought frozen peas, slug pellets and a geometry set. 
Apr 15: What is the one joke you know that always makes you laugh? 
Apr 16: In the style of the brilliant @bobbynuance, write down the secret nicknames you have for everyone in your department at work. 
Apr 17: What piece of common place knowledge are you still uncertain of and embarrassed to ask? Like, I’m still not entirely sure if we go around the sun or the other way round. 
Apr 18: What’s the most pathetic way you’ve injured yourself? 
Apr 19: If you were allowed to rename one country, what would it be? 
Apr 20: Have you ever celebrated a sporting thing happening and quickly regretted it due to realising you are amongst fans of the opposing team? 
Apr 21: What’s the best biscuits? 
Apr 22: Say God suddenly announces themselves by appearing in the skies to all mankind at once. He mentions a new commandment and that, if people don’t start obeying it, its Armageddon time. What do you hope the commandment is? 
Apr 23: Who was the first person you followed on Twitter? 
Apr 24: Which food stuff would you most like to be allergic to? 
Apr 25: You’re asked by your school to give a speech describing your time there – the stipulation is that the opening line is the opening line of a well known song – what song do you go for? 
Apr 26: What’s the one journey you’d most like to make? 
Apr 27: If you could say one thing to your boss, without any recriminations, what would you say? 
Apr 28: Who was the weirdest kid in your class at school? 
Apr 29: What’s your walk on darts music? 
Apr 30: Describe the things that would take you, in terms of you losing your rag, from Def Con Five through to Def Con One. 

May 1: What’s the most embarrassing thing your dad has ever done? 
May 2: On a night out, what’s the furthest you’ve travelled in between first drinks and waking up? 
May 3: In the sitcom of your life, what would your catchphrase be? 
May 4: If you could hack into anyone’s Twitter account (and for the purposes of that question, let us say that a) such behaviour is wrong, b) this is supposed to be a fun thing) who would you hack and what would your first tweet be? 
May 5: What font best sums you up as a person? 
May 6: If you had to arrange a war between two countries, which ones would you choose? 
May 7: You’re allowed to parachute a celebrity into North Sentinel Island, who gets the short holiday? 
May 8: What’s your favourite “please don’t let too many people find out about this” place on earth? 
May 9: If you could know the answer to one question what would it be? 
May 10: What referendum question WOULD bring Britain back together? 
May 11: What do you most like about your appearance? 
May 12: Have you ever sneaked out of someone’s house after an accident of any kind? 
May 13: If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go first? 
May 14: Merge two movies with the same lead actor to make an incredible film – describe the mashed up plot. 
May 15: What’s the one line in a song that always makes you cry? 
May 16: Add “Roulette” to the end of your hometown. Describe this game you’ve just named. 
May 17: Have you ever sabotaged someone else’s food, medicine or other stuff? 
May 18: What’s the worst toilet-based anecdote you ever heard? 
May 19: It’s the last night of life as we know it. Tomorrow the world ends. You invite three people to dinner. Who? 
May 20: If you had to die a death you’ve seen in a film, which way to bow out would you plump for? 
May 21: What’s the best Julia Roberts movie? 
May 22: What drug would you most like to invent? 
May 23: What’s the biggest contrast you’ve had in terms of how you started the day with how you ended it? Did you wake up single in London and end up married in New York or something? 
May 24: Are Jaffa Cakes cakes or biscuits? Show your workings out. 
May 25: Do you know anybody who has been asked a question for Pointless? 
May 26: What’s the funniest lie you’ve ever told someone? 
May 27: I think Chevy Chase is rubbish. Which cultural thing are you totally immune to the pleasures of? 
May 28: Name a time you’ve come to regret using foul language. 
May 29: What physical feeling should there be a medical name for? Like I would love “only ever needing a poo when I’m at the optimum distance from a public toilet” to just have a single word for it. 
May 30: Who is the one celebrity you couldn’t bear to be ruined forever by a nonce scandal? 
May 31: Name an actor where you’d like the character in one thing they’re in to be in the situation of another. E.g Andrew Lincoln’s nonce pest in Notting Hill to be pursued by the walking dead… 

June 1: Do you look at the paper when you wipe? 
June 2: What’s your worst habit? 
June 3: You’re at the Pearly Gates. You’re down as a Maybe. What’s the one thing you could point to and say “Hey I should definitely get into heaven for that alone. 
June 4: What skill do you have that is most likely to win you fame and fortune? 
June 5: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 
June 6: Who’s the “one that got away”? Use initials or psuedonyms if you must. 
June 7: What is the one quality that you think your friends would think of first when it came to describing you? 
June 8: Have you ever been burgled whilst you were sleeping? 
June 9: What’s your favourite short story? 
June 10: Have you ever been the only person that someone has confided a secret in? 
June 11: What’s the lie in your life you’d most like to come clean about? 
June 12: What was the worst year of your life? 
June 13:  What’s the one thing you could realistically do today to improve your life? 
June 14: What do you fear people say about you? 
June 15: What’s the greatest but ultimately trivial moment of your life?  
June 16: What’s the thing you’ve forgotten that you’d most like to be able to accurately recall? 
June 17: Highbrow Cultural Reference Corner - this is from Citizen Kane, lads. “A fellow will remember a lot of things you wouldn't think he'd remember. You take me. One day, back in 1896, I was crossing over to Jersey on the ferry, and as we pulled out, there was another ferry pulling in, and on it there was a girl waiting to get off. A white dress she had on. She was carrying a white parasol. I only saw her for one second. She didn't see me at all, but I'll bet a month hasn't gone by since that I haven't thought of that girl.” – do you have one of these? I mean someone you saw fleetingly and have been haunted by ever since. 
June 18: Do you remember the first conversation you had with your best friend? What was it about? 
June 19: If you had to be reincarnated as an animal, what would you choose to come as? 
June 20: If you could change one thing you did yesterday, what would it be? 
June 21: What does the number 8 mean to you? 
June 22: If you had to make a porn film, where would you draw the line at your own involvement? 
June 23: Which two people that you know do you think would make a brilliant couple? 
June 24: Have you ever used a ouija board? 
June 25: Have you ever got off a bus/plane/boat etc. convinced of some kind of Final Destination type disaster if you stayed aboard? 
June 26: Who is the biggest hippie you know? 
June 27: Have you ever caught the ball/been hit by the ball at a professional sports event? 
June 28: Who’s got the best name of anyone with the same initials? E.g Gary Glitter, Harry Hill, Peter Pan. 
June 29: Have you ever walked in on anyone doing a sex/having a wank/shitting in a bin or something? 
June 30: Who do you think has the loveliest voice? 

July 1: Have you ever tried to recreate a scene from a movie? 
July 2: Do you have any horse-based anecdotes? 
July 3: Have you ever heard a piece of music playing somewhere and had to go and ask what it is? 
July 4: Has there ever been a moment you’ve been into something and then it’s upset you so much you never went back? Not someone, something. e.g. I haven’t watched a frame of snooker since Jimmy White missed that black in 1994. 
July 5: Who is the best dancer you personally know? 
July 6: Have you got any weird, unexplainable mind associations? For example, whenever I hear the name Frank Bough, I think of Ritz crackers. 
July 7: Do you have any weird food based rituals? Do you always have bread and butter with everything etc.? 
July 8: Have you ever taken a regular dancing class? 
July 9: What scene from a film always makes you laugh? 
July 10: What’s the most romantic journey you’ve ever made? 
July 11: You are the star of a new cop show named for your surname. Describe the show. 
July 12: What’s your favourite Kate Bush song? 
July 13: Have you ever dated/sh*gged someone related to someone famous? 
July 14: What was the nicest Christmas present you ever received? 
July 15: Are you a monarchist or a republican? 
July 16: What’s the most out-of-it you’ve ever been? 
July 17: What American city would you most like to visit? 
July 18: When was the last time you cried unexpectedly? 
July 19: Which celebrity would you most dread coming to your house? 
July 20: Which subject do you think they should stop making movies about? 
July 21: Who made the best cameo appearance in your own life? 
July 22: Give me your ten word opinions on soup. 
July 23: Give me a scandalous anecdote about someone you know from continental Europe. 
July 24: What’s your favourite time of year? 
July 25: If you could have a title before your name like Lord, Professor or Captain what would you choose? 
July 26: What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen a drunk person do? 
July 27: What’s the one item of clothing you’d never part with? 
July 28: What would be your fantasy song cover be? Today mine is Cat Power doing Phil Collins “Against all Odds” 
July 29: What’s the journey you make regularly with the most powerful memories attached? 
July 30: Have you ever surprised someone by appearing naked before them? 
July 31: What’s the greatest song title that’s never been used?

Aug 1: What would be the theme of a podcast made by you? 
Aug 2: What’s the longest standing ovation you’ve been part of? 
Aug 3: If you could direct a pop video to any song, what song would you choose and describe the video. 
Aug 4: Have you ever written a love letter? Did it work? 
Aug 5: Have you got a friend whose kid(s) you secretly hate? 
Aug 6: When was the last time you got into a band/director/show etc. years after everybody else did? 
Aug 7: When was the last time you panicked? 
Aug 8: Is there a song that whenever you hear it you sing along to the instrumental break? 
Aug 9: What was your favourite cartoon character as a kid? 
Aug 10: What common pastime have you never tried? 
Aug 11: Have you ever had to use an embassy whilst abroad? 
Aug 12: Has anyone ever made you a romantic mix tape? Did it work? 
Aug 13: When was the last time you realized you had misheard the lyrics to a song? 
Aug 14: What is the worst place you’ve ever been on holiday? 
Aug 15: Have you ever had a crowd of people around you clap as you dance? 
Aug 16: What’s the strangest thing to have happened to you in the last 24 hours? 
Aug 17: What’s the most disappointing tourist attraction you’ve ever visited? 
Aug 18: Have you ever seen an act shortly before they died? 
Aug 19: What do you think is the biggest con going? 
Aug 20: Have you ever written something inappropriate in a card? 
Aug 21: Have you ever gone to watch a demolition? 
Aug 22: Have you ever cried at a YouTube video? 
Aug 23: How hard are you? 
Aug 24: If you were able to give one billion pounds to a charity, which one would you choose? 
Aug 25: Have you ever had sex at work? Even if it’s just with yourself. 
Aug 26: Have you ever heckled a band or comedian? 
Aug 27: What’s the worst thing that kids did to a teacher at your school? 
Aug 28: Have you ever hitch-hiked and do you have any amazing/hair-raising anecdotes to share? 
Aug 29: Have you ever skydived or base jumped? 
Aug 30: Can you do an impression of anyone? 
Aug 31: Have you got a complete collection of anything?

Sep 1: What’s the most money you’ve ever placed on a bet? 
Sep 2: What’s your favourite poem? 
Sep 3: Have you ever been sat next to someone famous on a plane/train/etc? 
Sep 4: Have you ever fallen into a river or lake or something else wet? 
Sep 5: Have you ever considered joining a religious order or cult? 
Sep 6: If you could be friends with a character from a sitcom, who would you choose? 
Sep 7: What’s the saddest occasion you’ve been drunk at? 
Sep 8: What’s the one thing that you can do that you don’t know of anyone else who can? 
Sep 9: Have you ever comforted a stranger? 
Sep 10: What was the best sleep you ever had? 
Sep 11: Look up famous people who share your birthday. Whom, from that list, do you most want to have sex with? 
Sep 12: Have you ever been caught up in civil unrest? 
Sep 13: Have you ever been somewhere really posh and felt absolutely common? 
Sep 14: Which individual do you feel bears the most blame for the world being rubbish? 
Sep 15: If you could turn back time, what would you tell Cher? 
Sep 16: When was the last time you had to make a speech? 
Sep 17: Which Tom Hanks character do you most readily identify with? 
Sep 18: When was the last time you met someone that changed your life? 
Sep 19: Have you ever worn national costume? 
Sep 20: What has been the biggest financial error you’ve ever made? 
Sep 21: Name a great song by an otherwise sh*t recording artist. 
Sep 22: Do you say “Thank you” when you get off a bus? 
Sep 23: Have you ever been in a stolen car? 
Sep 24: If you were allowed to ban one type of food, what would it be? 
Sep 25: If you could bring back from the dead one celebrity from your childhood, who would it be? 
Sep 26: Have you ever been to Wales? 
Sep 27: What’s the biggest f*ck up you’ve ever made at work? 
Sep 28: What film quote do you say most often? 
Sep 29: What sport irritates you the most? 
Sep 30: Your Wu-Tang Clan name is an adjective that rhymes with your favourite uncle followed by the worst job you ever had. What is it? 

Oct 1: Do you sing in the shower? 
Oct 2: What is your guilty television pleasure – the one show (even if it’s The One Show) that you wouldn’t necessarily brag about watching? 
Oct 3: When was the last time you made someone cry? 
Oct 4: Have you ever gatecrashed a party? 
Oct 5: What tv presenter is most likely to make you kick your screen through? 
Oct 6: What Bible story would benefit most from a Muppet movie retelling? 
Oct 7: You’re washed up on a desert island like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. What piece of sporting equipment would you most like to have for company? 
Oct 8: What’s the most thankless job in Britain? I’m thinking Tourist Information Officer for Gravesend, that sort of thing. 
Oct 9: Have you ever complained so much about something someone threatened to call the police? 
Oct 10: Say we just split the country in two to solve Brexit. Where would you draw the geographical line? 
Oct 11: What do you least like about your appearance? 
Oct 12: Have you ever accidentally stolen something? 
Oct 13: If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone for 12 hours, who would you choose? 
Oct 14: What’s the worst film you ever saw at a cinema? 
Oct 15: Have you ever been interviewed under caution? 
Oct 16: What’s the most archaic cultural reference you regularly deploy? 
Oct 17: Have you ever cockblocked someone? 
Oct 18: Have you ever witnessed a real life bar brawl? 
Oct 19: If you could press reset on your life and go back to a specific moment in your life to live again in hope of not making same mistakes again, would you? 
Oct 20: What’s the worst way to die you’ve seen in a film? 
Oct 21: Who do you think is underrated? 
Oct 22: Dogs or cats? 
Oct 23: What’s the most trouble that anyone you know has ever been in? 
Oct 24: What did you want to be when you were eight years old? How close did you get? 
Oct 25: Have you ever taken part in a crime reconstruction? 
Oct 26: Who is your favourite Beatle? 
Oct 27: Student travel aside, what’s the furthest you’ve moved to live? 
Oct 28: Name a time you’ve fucked up only for it to somehow work to your advantage. 
Oct 29: Has someone ever puked whilst you had sex with them? 
Oct 30: If London couldn’t have done it, where in Britain would you like to have had the 2012 Olympics held? 
Oct 31: Do you know anyone who has the same name as someone famous?

Nov 1: Is it just me or is coffee just a fucking pose? 
Nov 2: Have you ever been a member of a political party? 
Nov 3: You’re at the Pearly Gates. You’re down as a Maybe. What’s the one thing Satan could point to and say “Hey this dude is one of ours. 
Nov 4: What is the one thing you have continually failed at? 
Nov 5: If you had to blow a building up, which one would you go for? 
Nov 6: If you were on First Dates and you were sat at the bar, what would you not want to see come walking towards you? 
Nov 7: Have you ever mischievously edited a Wikipedia page with incorrect information? 
Nov 8: Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? 
Nov 9: What’s your favourite city? 
Nov 10: Have you ever been the only guest that turned up to a party?
Nov 11: Everyone knows a Dave. Tell us a tweet-length fact about a Dave you know. In the event you don't know a Dave, tell us one you'd like to know. 
Nov 12: If you had to choose three items from your life to go into a time capsule to tell future kids about life in 2019, what would you choose?
Nov 13: If you were on trial for your life, which non-legally trained friend would you choose to defend you?
Nov 14: If you could unknow one thing, what piece of knowledge would you choose to be shot of?
Nov 15: Go to Wikipedia, look up things that have happened on your birth date in years gone past, which one would you loved to have witnessed?
Nov 16: Which of your friends has the most entertaining individual anecdote. Summarise the anecdote in one teasing sentence.
Nov 17: What is the one thing that you continually fail at that other people have no problem achieving?
Nov 18: You're given the means to start a National SOMETHING Day - what do you go for? 
Nov 19: What's the first place you would take anyone on a guided tour of your home town? 
Nov 20: Your Victorian villain name is the worst place you holidayed as a child and the nearest train station to your house. Who are you? 
Nov 21: Have you ever been brave and immediately regretted it? 
Nov 22: Which member of the A-Team do you most identify with? 
Nov 23: If you were on a desert island and all you had for company was an inflatable sex toy would you try to have sex with it before you attempted to escape on it? 
Nov 24: Have you ever assisted a celebrity in doing an everyday task - e.g helped Sting pick up a dropped shopping bag
Nov 25: There's a blue plaque outside your house after you die. What have you done in the years to come to warrant such an honour? 
Nov 26: If the Good Deed/Bad Deed calculations from The Good Place are an actual thing, then how fucked are you?
Nov 27: If you could be appointed CEO of any organisatio in the world, which one would you choose?
Nov 28: If you could cancel any murder in history, which one would you choose?
Nov 29: If you had to spy on your own country for another one, who would you spy for?
Nov 30: If you had to have a four word phrase tattooed on your forehead what would you choose?

Dec 1: Who would you like to write your biography?
Dec 2: Rename the nine planets with other things beginning with MVEMJSUNP.
Dec 3: What's the stupidest thing you've eaten or drunk? 
Dec 4: Which fictional leader would you be happy with running the country? 
Dec 5: You're kidnapped. Who do you trust to arrange the ransom? 
Dec 6: What’s the stupidest thing you've done that's got you thrown out of a pub? 
Dec 7: What's the last thing someone you know admitted to doing that genuinely shocked you?
Dec 8: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve said in a work interview? 
Dec 9: If you were at the assassination of JFK, and they had Twitter, what hashtag would you use to describe the events? 
Dec 10: What's your safety word? 
Dec 11: Which regular Sesame Street character would you most like to fuck? 
Dec 12: Your Mum gets an OBE. Why? 
Dec 13: What’s the shortest amount of time you've held a job? 
Dec 14: Have you ever rung Crimewatch with info?
Dec 15: What's the funniest thing you've seen someone do the moment they woke up. 
Dec 16: Are you no longer friends with someone since they became famous?  Without naming them, say something hugely embarassing about them.
Dec 17: Have you ever done drag? 
Dec 18: You can choose any six people currently alive to be the pallbearers at your funeral, who do you choose? 
Dec 19: You are allowed to tattoo anyone in the world. What do you choose as a design, who do you choose to tattoo and where on their body do you ink them? 
Dec 20: Which two tv characters would you watch a fight to the death between? 
Dec 21: What’s the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
Dec 22: Have you ever done something horrible to someone else's food or drink? 
Dec 23: What would your school mates best remember you for? 
Dec 24: It's Christmas Eve, what would you like to wake up to tomorrow at the bottom of your bed? 
Dec 25: Have you (or anyone you know) ever needed medical treatment after a sexual experiement? 
Dec 26: Have you ever accidentally ruined a really massive event in someone's life? 
Dec 27: What’s the biggest news story you have been caught up in?
Dec 28: What’s the latest you've ever been for something?
Dec 29: Which love scene from a film would you most like to recreate and who with?  
Dec 30: Have you ever lied about who you were? 
Dec 31: The last one. Thank fuck. Who, this year, has made your life a little more fantastic?